How to achieve Chain Foreign Key Relation in Strapi

System Information
  • 4.1.9:
  • Windows:
  • Postgress:
  • 16:
  • NPM Version:
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Does anyone know how we can achieve Chaine Foregin Key Relations in Strapi like django-smart-selects in Django?

Currently, I working on a project where I have 3 models/collections Show, Season and Episode.

Season -> Show
Episode -> Show, Season

As we can see in the above Images Every Season is linked with the Show and a similar Episode is also linked with the Show and Season.

Since I used Default Strapi Settings it simply displays all the data but I want to see only those data which is selected.

Like If I select One Punch Man in Show then in the season it how only OPM1 and OPM2 similar to AOT and DN.