How to backup data in strapi on SQLite database

System Information
  • **Strapi Version3.3.3:
  • **Operating Systemwindow:
  • **Database*SQLite *:
  • **Node Version13,13.0:
  • **NPM Version6.14.9:
  • **Yarn Version1.22.5:

I have been working with strapi for almost 6 months now but I had an issue this morning and
I really need help.
by mistake, I open my strapi project on visual studio code and I wanted to change something on my database and It turned out that I went to my api folder and access a specific endpoint, which was project and then access his model and then his project.settings.json and by mistake I deleted the data inside the object and now I am getting error when I open my strapi project.
I am wondering if there is a backup to get all my data back as it was in the beginning.
this the path api/project/models/project.settings.json
This is the link of my project Capture.JPG

please I would really appreciate help from someone.
I look forward to hearing from you back.

We don’t make backups of the model schema files. You may need to delete the model (from the API folder) and rebuild it, you can use the CLI tool to generate a base model but if you had relations you will need to manually clean them up in the other models before the project will start.

I strongly recommend using source control (GitHub) and commit often and in smaller commits to maintain a “backup” of your files that you can rollback to.

thanks sir for replying back.
I deleted the model from an api but the server sitll doesn’t start.
you mentioned to rebuilt it but I can’t without having the server to be open.
I am stuck now, I really need help
I recently created a repo and commited it on github just for people to have an access.
please I need help.
it is a best project of my portfolio, it took six months to build it and I can’t start from scratch.
I have been struggling with issue.
I look forward to hearing from you back
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sir I dont really get this phrase.
sorry if I dont say something perfect