How to get data from my Strapi Cloud into separate project via api call (http request)?

I have an existing Next.js project with marketing pages, auth, and custom functionality…and I want to use Strapi as the CMS for my blog.

I have a couple demo articles setup in my Strapi Cloud account that I can see in my Admin portal.

Question: What Endpoint do I need to query using my API Key to get that data into my Next.js app? Or is this not possible?

This is an example of the Strapi Cloud hosted URL. (

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Any help here would be appreciated.

I don’t understand why it seems I need to spin up a SECOND next.js application to have an API that I can query from my Strapi content.

Since everything is being hosted in Strapi cloud, I should be able to query an API with my API Key and grab the data easily.

Every example I see has people querying the data from localhost.