How to get email confirmationToken in REST local Register

how to get the confirmationToken ?
I try with the lifecycle but confirmationToken is null and I need to send my email with sendGrid,

In the src/index.js bootstrap function:

      models: ["plugin::users-permissions.user"],
      async afterCreate(event) {
        const { result } = event;

        console.log("user created!", result.confirmationToken);

There is the result:

user created! null

If I log the result it work and my new created user is returned but not the confirmationToken.

Also an email was send, but not the sendGrid template, whereas it’s the provider,
The email send is the strapi template, do i have to disable the confirmation email in settings ?

If you have any suggestions or ideas to send confirmation email thanks to sendgrid in strapi v4,
Thanks you very much !

I found a solution, the lifecycle to call is not afterCreate but afterUpdate