How to get localized entry from a collection

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.1.0
  • Operating System: MacOS 12.3
  • Database: MySQL
  • Node Version: “>=12.x.x <=16.x.x”
  • NPM Version: “>=6.0.0”
  • Yarn Version:


I’m trying to get a single entry from a collection with localization, but I can’t find the right query string. Specifically, I’m trying to get a localized blog entry from a blogs collection.

This works: .../api/blogs?locale-fr-CA[&optional-populate-query], but it brings all the blog entries, in the localized language.

This: .../api/blogs/1?locale=fr-CA[&optional-populate-query] will return the correct entry, but ignore the locale and display only the default locale. All the optional population works, regardless of the order (I’ve trived putting the locale at end, in the beginning, and in the middle, same behaviour).

I could bring all the entries and filter by ID, but it’s not the ideal solution. What I really want is to being just the specific entry in the correct locale.

Is it possible?

I have this problem too, Any idea?

Haven’t solved it yet, sorry.

Any updated on this? I just stumbled on the same issue.

How did you guys overcome this?

No updates, but I haven’t looked at the more recent Strapi updates, it might have been included.

We ended up getting all entries in the locale and filtering after. Not ideal, but it works.

When querying particular entry do “populate=localizations”, like “GET /api/restaurants/1?populate=localizations”