How to get relations from "me" data with graphql

I can add graphql data for the “me” info.
But only as a string.

How can I get products as an Array. (Its a relation-field in the content-builder)

register({ strapi }) {

    // Custom User Fields to GraphQl

    const extensionService = strapi.plugin('graphql').service('extension');
    extensionService.use(({ nexus }) => ({
      types: [
          type: 'UsersPermissionsMe',
          definition(t) {
            // here define fields you need
import { list } from “nexus” 

t.field(“product”, { type: list(“Product”) }

Note: depending on which type you choose, you might need to write your own resolver for the type.

Some suggestions

  1. Use graphql playground or Apollo sandbox to look at the available types (Studio)

  2. Look at strapi source code + nexus docs for more examples.

@mattf96 thanks :wink:

But how can I import something from “nexus”?
It´s not possible by default.