How to get Strapi jwt token from aws cognito provider generated access or id token

System Information
  • 3.4.0:
  • OS - amazon-linux-2:
  • Database - AWS RDS - MariaDB:
  • Node version - 15.3.0:
  • NPM version -7.0.14:
  • Yarn Version - not installed:

We have a Java back end which communicates with AWS cognito and generates tokens. We would like to use the tokens generated by the Java back end and get the Strapi JWT tokens to access Strapi API. How do we achieve this?

We have configured the AWS Cognito provider in Strapi and updated the AWS Cognito App Client Settings in AWS console.

Followed this documentation and could achieve what is required.
[API Tokens - Strapi Developer Documentation](https://API Tokens)