How to I build my own NFT Marketplace

Hi all I want to develop a new NFT Marketplace in blockchain platform for trade, somebody suggest me a Good and Legit NFT marketplace development company like Hivelance. Thanks in Advance

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I’m found this template

If you have got
Please share with me. Please give me PM!
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So, in general to create an NFT marketplace you have to: select the blockchain, create UI, specify operational domains, choose tokens, develop smart contracts and then test your marketplace. And what about companies, I know only about Leeway Hertz.

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Previously, NFTs were available only on specialized platforms and were traded in a narrow circle. In 2022, everyone has already heard about NFTs, they have become part of the culture. After successful integrations with luxury clothing brands, global brands began to actively implement nft game development .There are three platforms available for NFT trading - . In other words, the user can create tokens on any of them and sell them by launching an online store

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