How to publish your blog posts from Strapi to Multiple Platforms -, Hashnode, and Medium

If you're aiming for high visibility of your blog content, then you have to post it on many channels like, Hashnode, and Medium.

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Hi I have been doing cross post on but facing a weird issue, the strapi markdown gets always distorted in post.
Any idea how to fix that?

Hi @milindsingh
Thanks for reading this article.
Our main goal was to show how we can use Strapi webhooks to publish articles in, Hashnode and Medium using their APIs. I didn’t focus on the blog content but I guess we need to sanitize the markdown in the Lambda function before we send it to the APIs.
I’ll check the markdown issue you mentioned and see If I can find a quick answer for that. If not I may write another article with focus on the content, now that we covered APIs.