How to rate limit a post request to avoid multiple entry or a bot attack

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 14.4.3
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Database: MSSQL
  • Node Version: 16.4
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

I have a strapi project which is having a contact us form done in vue-Js frontend. However there is a problem that When I am trying to post contact us, its allowing unlimited time of post requests. I am trying to implement a rate limit (found koa2-ratelimit) but not sure how to add it with strapi v4 and seems like the information provided are in very experienced level. can anyone help to solve this problem to limit this particular post request maximum limit to 1 per minute

API -: api/contact-uses

Note-: very new to strapi and very new to coding. sorry for bothering the community. Expecting a basic step by step information

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