How update all instances of a specific component used through a collectionType


Everything in the title.

To avoid use raw sql to update a value through all instances of a component, how could I with strapi.query strapi.db strapi.connection.default … , list all instances of a component and update a specific value.

My specific use-case was :

  • I have some Page collection type
  • Which contain some Link component at different levels of nesting (so it’s a pain in the ass to loop through all Pages and look for each Link)
-- Page (collectionType)
---- DynamicZone A
-------- Link A-1
-------- Component A-A 
------------ Link A-A-1
------------ Link A-A-2 
... etc
  • This Link component have initially an URL field with. a default value : https://
  • We change the default value to nothing → we have to update production data

Strapi v4