I can't start Strapi on Gitpod because it says that I'm not using a compatible version of node

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I am trying to start a project from scratch using an empty repository. I open it in Gitpod, and try to create a strapi project but I get an error telling me that my version of node is incompatible(Gitpod uses the most current version of Node I believe by default 16.x). I was able to create the project, but I went through a long process of installing NVM and installing node 14.x and I don’t want to do that everytime I open the project with Gitpod. I know that the FoodAdvisor 2.0 demo app, doesn’t have this issue, as I am able to open that project and run it without issue. I noticed there was a setup change in that project to the Gitpod.yml file, etc. that has something to do with resolving that issue, but I don’t understand how that works. Can someone please help me? I’d like to just get a default template that I can start projects from using Gitpod, because my development is currently limited to using a Chromebook, plus I think it is awesome to be able to develop a full-stack app, using ONLY a Chromebook! Thanks everyone.

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