I18n on the Frontend

Hello what i need to setup on the fronend side to see content in different languages. Does anyone have any examples with language selector. I managed to create the admin part as suggested in the tutorial but i am stuck now how to add this to my frontend. I use strapi-starter-next-corporate and would like to add language support on the website.

We are planning to update a few of the starters/templates with the i18n.

@Mcastres do you know off hand which ones are targeted? (I know foodadvisor is among them)

Concerning starters and template we need to ask @remidej.
For Foodadvisor, the PR is under review already and will demonstrate of to show content in two different languages on the frontend :slight_smile:

Hi guys, thank you, can you please post a review here when this is online, i mean the tutorial.
thnx again :grinning: