Integrate shopify api

i wanna integrate shopify api in my strapi app , kind of i wanna manage the store using strapi ! i followed a tutorial but it didn’t work for me i get this error :
! this is my code in api/product/controllers/product.js:

const { sanitizeEntity } = require('strapi-utils');

const Shopify = require('shopify-api-node');

const shopify = new Shopify({

  shopName: 'bla-bla',

  apiKey: 'shopify_api_key_here',

  password: 'shopify_app_password_here'


module.exports = {

  async findOne(ctx) {

    const { id } = ctx.params;

    const entity = await{ id });

    entity.shopify = await shopify.product.get(entity.shopifyID);

    return sanitizeEntity(entity, { model: strapi.models.product });



Do you use Authorization token when making request to this controller?

the shopify credentials i put them in the const !
when i acess i go to this url : http://localhost:1337/products/1

i followed this article : Integrating Shopify with Strapi — shilpa kancharla

I mean authorization token for the Strapi, not for Shopify.

Have you granted access for your Role to findOne ?


ye ye i did that

Can you please try to grant access for the Public Role to findOne controller and try to reaccess the route http://localhost:1337/products/1 but without a token?