Is it possible to host my Front-End together with strapi repo on the same NodeJS service?

Is this possible? For instance hosting strapi together with an NuxtJS Front-End app?
This would make sense to safe some money when working on smaller projects.

Maybe we can put strapi in one folder and (for example) nuxtJS in an other folder and run both build commands seperately …

Could this work?

Ive been wonderig the same thing!
Would love to know

Possible? Maybe.

Recommended? Absolutely not, due to how Koa works (specifically the koa-router package we use) you will almost certainly have issues with routing as the router would be unaware of the frontend pages.

Strapi is, in the truest meaning of the word, a headless cms and not a decoupled CMS. Headless applications are specifically designed to ran on their own and allow other applications to interact with them over a standard medium (in Strapi’s case REST or GraphQL).

While you might be able to get it to work, we make no promises that we won’t break it and we don’t support it to keep Strapi truely headless.