Last created content type date randomly disappear after restart (three times)

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v4.11.3
  • Operating System: mac
  • Database: mysql
  • Node Version: 16.10.0
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Hi everyone, I’m using strapi to develop an ecommerce, in the last three days I’ve created 3 different types of collections:

  • FAQs
  • post
  • sidebar
    I populated the faqs three days ago, then yesterday i started my strapi app and all the faqs are gone.

I created the faq for the second time, then after a while they disappeared again.

Today I imported the faq, then I created the post type and inserted a content. Then I created a single “sidebar” type and filled in some data.

I changed some collection-types, then strapi restarted, after that restart:

  • restart was slow, even after restarting for a while the admin API seems to be slow
  • in content manager faq and post disappeared for a while, during this time they are still visible on content-type builder
  • then after a few browser refresh the two contents reappeared on the content manager but they are empty, with no data.
  • I checked the sidebar, still empty
  • all other contents are all ok

Now it seems that for some reason stripe randomly recreates the last content type tables in the database. Please help me figure out how to stop this, it really scares me, what if this happens in production? How to find what’s going on? Sure I will have backup but I need to understand at least why and when that happens, I need to be sure my data are safe, what if I lose data and can’t find out it and my user encounters problems like order disappearing?

Solved thanks to Boegie19 on Discord.

I had the same db for production and dev, I do not use the production it was just a deploy test, but sometimes the node app is restarting and that cause the reset of the table data (because I’ve not the new schema in prod). Hope this help someone.