Local Plugin - can I use the same table (collectionName) for two models in different plugins?

Does anybody know if it is possible (safe) to use the same table in database (PostgreSQL) for two models, located in two local plugins? I mean: modelA in pluginA and modelB in pluginB. I would like both plugins to have functionality to update the same table. Obviously, model schemas (modelA.settings.json and modelB.settings.json) would be almost the same for every plugin, except only models names would be different.
In general - can different models share the same table/collectionName?

When you have two models in two different plugins, these will use two different tables.
Because plugin’s models are prefixed with the plugin’s name, like so: {pluginName}_{modelName}, for example users-permissions_users.

Take a look at Table/Collection naming for plugins.

Many thanks for reply! Yes, I have read the stuff at the link, but there is: “Sometimes it happens that the plugins inject models that have the same name as yours.” so this is - as I understand - about conflict on model names level, not table names (collectionName) level. It looks like what is described there is default behaviour of Strapi to prevent naming collisions during plugins/models generation, which is perfectly understandable. In my local plugins my models’ names would be different, and I could change collectionName in both models definitions to point to the same table. My concern is, that Strapi can track plugins/models/collectionNames logic and if not now, maybe in near future, it would cause business logic bugs difficult to fix.

HOWEVER, the above approach would mean separate models schemas, which may lead to mess sometimes - one model schema updated, but, the other one not. So, I have just checked that from one local plugin I can reach model in the other plugin, which is sufficient for my purposes. And, one model schema per one table looks more safe.

Yes, that’s a bad idea. Since like this you can potentially “break” your tables and lose some data.

Indeed, thats a better solution.