_locale parameter is not working?

System Information
  • 4.0.4:
  • Ubuntu 20.4:
  • SQLite3:
  • v14.18.0:
  • 6.14.15:
  • Yarn Version:


I have a fresh install of strapi and i created some new content types and added Locales for them, i’ve set the public roles so i can GET them on the api, i can fetch the correct data by id but the ?_locale parameter does not work it always gets me the default, even not working with ?_locale=all

anyone else have this issue or could point me in a direction of whats wrong?

for anyone else who should find this, the documentation(Internationalization (i18n) - Strapi Developer Docs) states one should use ?_locale= parameter but that does not work :slight_smile: but ?locale= does… ://

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helps a lot
_locale doesn’t work but locale works
thank you for finding this :clap: