Making a plugin for TimescaleDB

I’m developing a Strapi plugin for TimescaleDB in order to have some tables with optimized timeseries.
I am almost done but Strapi v4 seems to have some annoying points:

Timescale needs to have a primary key using the time column. In a bootstrap function, my plugin removes the default table primary key and set up a new on with the time column before setting up an hypertable with Timescale function. No problem so far and eveything works fine.

But when I make a modification on content types, the Strapi db schema is updated and Strapi wants to remove my custom primary key on each start. This fails because Timescale refuses to remove its primary key used for partitioning.

So my question to make the plugin works: How is it possible to configure Strapi so that it doesn’t remove my custom primary key ?
I saw many possible configuration in schema.js but nothing allowing to declare a custom _pkey constraint.

Thanks for your help :grin: