Media url doesnt show in API response

I have added a single image media type to a content-type that i have. The image is uploaded and visible in the admin UI, but the image url is not a part of the API response. The only way that i can see the uploaded image url is through the admin panel. Am i missing something?

If i attach the same image to the CKeditor, then the API response will show the url as part of the editors text. The content-type model information in the postgres db doesnt even show a column for the image upload that is part of my content-type.

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Did you try to populate your image field?

I have done something like this:

    const avgParams = {
      _where: {
        'user.company_size': userCompanySize,

    const populate = [

    const entitiesPromise =, populate);

That did actually work! Thanks for the information. Why would i have to explicitly add that field into my response? Its part of my content-type, why is that not returned by default? That seems like a bug…

If the media is nested below 1 level it’s possible it couldn’t be populated. Are you using a custom controller you modified?

No its not nested, but i am using a modified version of the controller. I guess the issue comes from how the image is saved in the db. Because when i look at the db columns for this content-type, there is no mention of the ‘event_image’, which is how its named. So thats why it never dawned on me to try to add field manually like @landorid suggested.