Migrating to v4

Folks, I am trying to migrate my strapi application of v3.6.8 to v4.

I followed the steps from doc: Update Strapi version - Strapi Developer Docs

I updated the versions in package.json to 4.0.0 and run yarn install
But, this command throws this
Please choose a version of "strapi" from this list: and this list does not contain version 4.0.0

How can I resolve this ?

There is no migration for it yet.
There is some major breaking changes, and also structural changes.

You need to create a new V4 project so far then migrate which there is no guides for it’s expected end of Q1.

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Also… the packages have been renamed from strapi to @strapi/strapi so editing the json only works for ^4.0.0

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Great. Thank you for the info folks :smiley:

Hello guys, I saw that a guide to migrate has already been released.

Is it really safe? Or is creating a new v4 and migrating manually the better solution?

We haven’t released a migration guide yet (for projects) just migrating plugins from v3 to v4 if you are a maintainer of custom plugins.

If you want to be on a v4, creating a new project is the current method. The actual project level migration guide is due in March (team is working on it right now)