MongoDB compatibility delayed on v4

Yes they are on standby until after the v4, this was a joint decision on the topic. The current maintainer of the Mongoose package will maintain our v3 connector after the v4 stable release during the 6 month security update time.

After the v4 release all of us (Strapi, Mongoose Maintainer, and the MongoDB team) will relay information to allow the latter 2 to build their own MongoDB connector and work with us on how to implement it.

This removes our team’s burden of trying to maintain the connector and have it built by a team that has a much better skill-set in noSQL databases. The reason for the delay is not just related to v4, though that is a large part since we haven’t even started working on the database layer for v4 yet (scheduled for early Q3), but also due to the other 2 team’s availability and planning.

@Aurelsicoko did make a small correction to this figure, it’s 30 days, not 30 months.

I was literally just about to use Strapi for the first time because of MongoDB support. For me the key thing is that this then becomes a completely serverless setup which can fit into free plans. With an RDBMS one way or another you need to setup and manage a server or pay for a hosted solution. To my knowledge there are no free plans for managed SQL hosting, plus if you have a database it requires managing, monitoring, and backups at the very least.

I really hope you can reconsider this position because MongoDB support really does make it a viable serverless solution. This is an architectural decision rather than just a popularity one and distinguishes Strapi from the other CMS’s you listed in this post which is very powerful extra angle to have. I’m not sure why you would want to mimc CMS that far pre-date the modern cloud era where cloud-native and serverless are in high demand. There are a reason people choose to seek out alternatives to the old and tired Drupal and WordPress options. Flexibility is one of them.

Hi Strapi Team,
Our team was using Drupal, wordpress, Laravel again Wordpress for our website. Whatever we use, we cannot get a good performant website without a NoSql database like Mongodb. Hence we searched for a decent CMS with a good support for Mongodb. We found Strapi, which is really wonderful (infact it has everything what we need) Hence we started our development (almost 80% complete) with Strapi.

But to our surprise we found this topic, which really kept us in a dilemma weather to continue or not. So please don’t stop the support for Mongodb. It’s only because of Mongodb we started using Strapi and we are enjoying power of Strapi after using it. So please reconsider the decision of Mongodb support. Please include Mongodb support in V4 if possible.

Your Strapi V4 teaser is great (Hope it supports Mongodb).


@ijy /

At this time it’s unlikely we will reverse our decision. We have come to an agreement with MongoDB and the Mongoose maintainer in which they will develop their own 3rd party connector in 2022 (no ETA) and we will work with them on integration but this won’t be in the initial v4 release.

I’m sorry to say that from the Strapi side we no longer want to maintain the MongoDB connector code as it puts an enormous burden on the team while we are trying to make Strapi the best headless CMS we can. We have already started our work on the v4 and are doing so without MongoDB support from our side.

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Since the post title was changed from dropping MongoDB support to MongoDB compatibility delayed on v4 the existing links on Strapi’s main readme page on Github doesn’t work anymore.

I also think that the current title is a bit confusing, the previous one was correct because anyone who reads this article can only understand the following:

  • on the first day of v4 there will be no MongoDB support from anyone
  • the relationship with MongoDB and Mongoose is created, there is hope that they will make maybe even 2 connectors, but Strapi did not assume any responsibility starting with v4, it could just as well happen that in the end no connector will be made
  • if a MongoDB connector will be made it is not only possible but also very likely that the migration of data from v3 to v4 will not be possible! I say this because this has not been assumed by anyone either, and data migration can be an even harder process than a new connector.

So, the current title sounds like a statement, a statement I haven’t seen anywhere! If it’s a statement, then maybe Strapi should publish a roadmap about MongoDB support.

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Thank you Derrick. Now, somewone should fix the two broken links in here: GitHub - strapi/strapi: 🚀 Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs

Done, reason for the break was the URLs were missing the trailing thread ID:

Good to know, thank you.

Any suggestions on long-term supported database options? I have been developing on strapi for a few months for 3 separate big properties and Mongo seems like the obvious choice for a cms db. However, since we are relatively early we can make a swap. I’m not very familiar sql databases but postgres seems like the safest choice for long term support because of its popularity. However, I am more excited about using Maria.

Any thoughts or suggestions here? I do not want to be caught in the same situation of having to swap databases again in the future.

Actually, I think I answered my own question. The required NPM package for maria seems to be abandoned and doesn’t even build on mac os. So postgres it is!

PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB are all great choices since we manage all of them through the same ORM (Knex/Bookshelf)

Bit confused here, can you elaborate?

That’s just sad.

I’ve never enjoyed relation databases. The better choice would have been using something like MikroORM which supports both. At least give us a way to keep maintaining the strapi-mongoose-connector or write our own connector. I love strapi and been using it since sails waterline days. Wordpress, Drupal is way different from strapi, don’t try to be something you’re not.

Anyways, Thanks for making strapi.

Biggest dissapointment this year… :sob: I was so excited to start using Strapi after watching Use MongoDB as the Data Store for your Strapi Headless CMS I was evaluating 15 headless CMSes for a client, but now I have to continue searching… According to Google trends MongoDB becomes more and more popular compared to SQLite though…

Ah good news!!! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: So will this work in v4 beta? Use MongoDB as the Data Store for your Strapi Headless CMS

That was a year ago! Not related with v4.

Giving a bit more accurate picture :wink:

MySQL is still by far the most widely used database in the world that we support.

No not in the beta, we don’t have an ETA since we aren’t developing the v4 connector. The MongoDB Team and Mongoose Maintainer will be working on it after the v4 stable. Initial estimates put it sometime within the 6 months following the v4 stable release.

This is the client needed for mariadb correct?

That’s the package I am instructed to install when I set the client to mariadb. To me, the project look abandoned and it does not install on latest macos: