My Futuristic View of CMS

  • Kanban instead only List to View Records
  • Dashboard Creation (exemple Clickup)
  • Usage of inside Strapi

Why? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t get the point of using Kanban, in my use cases I have 500k+ entities with hundreds of categories, how to display them in Kanban style? That one is suitable for small things only.

I like how ClickUp works, would be nice to have the ability to generate some Dashboards on the Homepage by using data from content-types.

That one can be developed as a third-party plugin.

As long as you build your custom plugins you can actually add any functionality.

@MatheusRV, Related to n8n, I have a WIP plugin, but it’s still in development.
Hope to release it in Q1 2021.

Preview in admin:

Proof that workflows are running (Every minute send a get request):

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Oh wow, looks great! Looking forward to trying it out in Q1. Cant wait.

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