Need feedback if using Strapi is the right choice


I have been using Strapi for some time but am by no means an expert in it, I have a project I need to work on, and I would like some feedback from the community and experts with strapi about it.

I need to create a system where users with SSO can log in and access their User privileged dashboard, where they can create projects. Once a user has created a project, they can also create tickets for that project and or reservations of items

There is also staff/admins who can also log in with SSO (this can be a separate page/thing from the user side, I guess) where they can see all users, projects created per user, incoming tickets, the status of tickets, reply to tickets, and reservations etc.

I already am creating a list of inventory using strapi, so I think for reservations I can just add a boolean if it’s allowed to be reserved and showcase it, but the other two features I’m not sure about, I would love any feedback or ideas if this is possible within strapi API.

Thank you!