New beta release: Strapi v3.4.0

Strapi 3.4.0 beta is live :robot_face:

Hello, dear community!
We’re happy to announce the beta release of Strapi v3.4 with relational fields displayed in list view!
From now on, you’ll be able to see the content from relational fields directly in the list view, as well as sort and filter by relations.

You can create a new beta project with the following command:

npx create-strapi-app@beta my-app

Please note that the beta version is not for production use and it only supports Node v12 or v14.
Share with us what you think about it :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for more updates!
The Strapi team


Hello everyone!
Happy to release this beta! Hope you’ll like it :slightly_smiling_face:

The all new doc for Relational fields and the detailed changelog will be released with the stable version.
In this beta you can already experiment with the new possibility to display relational fields in the list view. In a few words here is what’s possible:

  • Display a relation in a dedicated column, if the relationship allow one value you’ll see it, if it allow several ones, you’ll see a counter → a tooltip will allow you to preview up to 10 values
  • You’ll be able to display one relational field by relation, it is the same as the one you display in the Edit view, you can configure it in the “Configure the view” settings of the Edit view, check “Entry title” in the relation
  • You can use relational fields in filters to better organize your content
  • When the relationship allows one value for the relational field, you’ll be able to sort by this field. Don’t forget to enable it in the field’s setting in the list view

We kept the same restrictions regarding the type of fields we display in the List views: Componants, dynamic zones, polymorph fields and richtext cannot be displayed.
As for the level of relations you can select to display, for the moment you can only display first level relations (you can’t display a relation of a relation).

We also added a duplicate button in the list views and improved the display of components in the dynamic zones to make it easier when you have a lot of components.

And several fixes and refacto, including a big refacto of the Content Manager!

We hope you’ll like this new version, please give it a try, use it in the same conditions you use Strapi today, with your data and your workflow… and give use your feedback!

And do not hesitate if you have questions

:warning:Don’t use it in production please :wink:


Thank you for this. This is a great improvement and gives a much clearer picture of how our data is related. I also like that the # of related items is shown for multiple relations.

I would consider making these items clickable. Also, in a few of my use cases we often have dozens and sometimes 1000s of related items. This may be better served with a click than hover if that fetch is being made each time the user hovers. The fetch is fast but I can see this becoming slow with a large data set so maybe consider a load indicator.

The related filtering works exactly as expected on both sides of the relationship and the configured field.

Remember Column Settings
My column selections reset often except when using the back arrow. This may not be related to this update but rather a general comment and when doing a lot of content updates can be frustrating.

Edit Link Rather than Event
Can you make the rows or maybe just the new “Edit” icon a hyperlink rather than a click handler to allow for this so the user can maintain their position in the list and columns. If makign a lot of edits to the data you will lose your position with each edit when clicking to return.

Migration Steps
How can I migrate from 3.3.4 to this beta. I’d like to test this on a few production data sets. Just updating the packages and rebuilding an error is thrown when attempting to view a collection, “An error occurred during models config fetch” and then in the logs “MongoError: The argument to $size must be an array, but was of type: missing” is thrown when trying to view any of the lists.

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Thank you for this, I’m wondering if it might be useful to do user scoped selections (and saving those to the database) @sam-pires

In the short term if you have a few admins or just want to set those selections as default, you can use the “Configure the View” (This sets the defaults for everyone)

We will release the migration steps once we release the stable version and we really want to test the feature in a fresh environment.

:warning: This PR is still a work in progress, we have not fully tested this :warning:
You can have a look at our WIP migration script/guide PR here:

Ah. Thank you.

I am happy to see the migration script concept starting to take off.

So far this looks really good and answers a lot of needs for my group specifically. Really makes the Strapi-Admin dashboard an effective tool for users and admins alike. We had been doing some of our own admin “pages” as a shim while waiting for this feature, since some of our relationships and table architecture made list view / per record editing somewhat unintuitive.

One little “Would be super awesome” feature request is to have optional actionable fields on list view. ie. If the field is boolean, show a switch instead of “true”/“false” text, or dropdown for enumerations, etc. Would make certain workflows really powerful.

Can’t wait until we can do low/no code custom pages and dashboards right inside strapi :wink:

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These are the neat little “gotcha” ideas I love to see :wink:

I will happily say the Strapi team are also looking forward to this, it’s a part of what drives our vision for the project. (Myself included)

That’s definitely something we have in mind :wink:

Noted! :slight_smile:
We also discussed the possibility to use formulas and rollup on relational fields, but that will be for later.