New releases: Strapi v4.0.8 and v4.0.9

Hey hey hey everyone! This sprint was very productive for the team & the community (as you might see below :stuck_out_tongue:). We made two new releases today and here’s what’s new:


  • Make fields re-sizable

Security Fixes

  • Sanitize password from filters in the admin
  • Add current password requirement to edit own profile password


  • Update sharp in upload plugin
  • Add configuration options to generate graphql schema + types
  • Update Sentry plugin docs for v4
  • Allow removing assets before uploading
  • [V3] Enable to trigger empty events webhook

Bug Fixes

  • Enable to drop image to upload dialog in edit view
  • Clear datetime or date should set value to null
  • Fixing Drag ordering bug with Nested Component
  • Deprecate for Date format different from yyyy-MM-dd
  • Delete relations when disabling dp on a content type

Check out Github for more details. Many thanks for your contributions! :purple_heart:
Also, the new marketplace is listing more and more plugins every day so don’t forget to check it out :grin:


Thank you strapi team :tada: love the release

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Been actively using Strapi since version 3. Really excited for the update. You guys are awesome.