New Strapi live demo: FoodAdvisor v2 using Strapi & Next.js

Restaurants are open again! This is the perfect moment to make this announcement. Today is the release of the new version of our Live Demo: FoodAdvisor V2

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If you have never tried Strapi before. I recommend taking this new demo site for a test drive! Nice work @Mcastres

excellent demo, will there be a complete tutorial on youtube explaining step by step how the demo was made with next ?, it would be great

Hello Sergio!

It is not planned yet but this is something that can clearly be done after the v4 release, and thus, after it will be migrated to the v4. I can do an explicative video in which I describe the code and how I did it :slight_smile:

Where is the branch for v2? Am i missing something here? Cannot for the life of me see where this branch is on the git repo