Nuxt & Strapi deployment

Hey people!

Ive been learning Nuxt/Vue x Strapi x GraphQl the last few months. Its been a real trial as im not the greatest when it comes to backend stuff. But i really want to learn more of the ins and outs to built better products and utilize all the options that are out there.

Anyway ive built a few things in a local enviroment so the next step was to learn deployment…
But, ive been stuck on this for over 2 months now. Re-read every guide and tutorial i could find but none seems to work out for me…
So far ive managed to deploy a Strapi instance to Heroku with a postgress database (which took me ages to get working) and now im stuck at fetching the data fromout Nuxt via GraphQl

To keep a semi-long story short: does anyone know of a guide that should work and is kinda noob friendly?
Or a boilerplate repo i can look at?

My queries etc work fine in a local enviroment. My issue is not understanding how to set up the API connecton and everything that goes with it.

Kind regards, Sven