Parent Child Relation

System Information
  • 3.4.4:
  • window:
  • sqlite or mysql:
  • >=10.16.0 <=14.x.x or node v14.15.4:
  • >=6.0.0:
  • i used npx or npm:

how i create parent child relationship in my admin ui

i tried to build OTT plateform where i have 3 collection Show, Season, Episode

In the show i add only title and in season i add only title and one to one relation with show

similay i build my episode colume

but in my case its display all seasons but i want it display only that season which show i select the aboveimage

Currently this feature doesn’t exist, but we do have an open feature request for it: Dependent/filtered relation/field aka parent & child relationship/field · Issue #8708 · strapi/strapi · GitHub