Possible bug fetching by UID

I have an Article in two Locales.
The type has a field called ‘slug’ which is a UID so now my GET requests will use this UID to find a single Article

curl http://localhost/articles/123-en-test
200: All good

curl http://localhost/articles/123-fr-test
404: Not found

If I look at the database logs I see the problem

  method: 'select',
  options: {},
  timeout: false,
  cancelOnTimeout: false,
  bindings: [ '123-fr-test', 'en', 1 ],
  __knexQueryUid: 'sr99CkLDK_NZrcAhzWB_Y',
  sql: 'select `articles`.* from `articles` where `articles`.`slug` = ? and `articles`.`locale` = ? and (`articles`.`published_at` is not null) limit ?'

[2021-11-13T17:10:46.858Z] debug GET /articles/123-fr-test (39 ms) 404

Surely, we shouldn’t need the locale in the query when this a get by UID

Is this a bug?
Version 3.6.8