Project structure with regions and audiences

I have an open question about the project structure. For our e-commerce site, we have localization enabled. We have en-EU, en-US, en-GB, and en-CA. On top of that, we have different audiences. We have separate frontends for B2B and B2C. en-US exists for B2B and B2C, whereas en-GB only exists for B2C, en-CA only for B2C, etc, you get the point. How would you structure this? Most content (I’d say 90%+) is shared across all audiences and markets, but some aren’t. For example, scheduling needs to happen individually. B2C EU might have a sale that starts at midnight CET, and US B2C might have the same sale/content start at midnight CST. But EU/US B2B doesn’t have a sale at all.

Would you create separate Strapi instances for B2B and B2C? Does that mean different installs? I know Contentful, for example, has the concept of “environments” and Sanity has the same but calls it “datasets”. Does something like this exist for Strapi? Like a complete copy of all the data, but living side by side that you can swap and point to?

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