Query component

Hi guys, is it possible to query a model of a component?

I have a component “settings” with some boolean fields. I want my frontend to be able to get the standard-settings (true/false) and then I write a function to update the settings for a specific user.


{ "collectionName": "components_user_notification_settings", "info": { "name": "NotificationSettings", "icon": "bullhorn" }, "options": {}, "attributes": { "option1": { "type": "boolean", "default": true }, "option2": { "type": "boolean", "default": false }, "option3": { "type": "boolean", "default": true }, "option4": { "type": "boolean", "default": true } } }

I think I got the a solution. The query the attributes it is possible to use this query:


So in the query it is needed to use “category.name”.