Redirect to index.html while calling the domain

[details=“System Information”]
[6:34 pm] Rajamanickam Raju

Strapi Version : 4.11.7

Database : mysql 8.0

Node Version : 18.17.0

NPM Version : 9
OS: Azure AKS

We are facing an issue, post the setup of the website. When we come from the parent domain we are able to access all Menu’s and Links which are showcased or part of the menu. But when we try to call the page directly using url it gives us a page not found.


Example: when we click the above url and go to contact us link / page on the top menu it works fine and page loads, however we I use the direct url : refresh the page it says 404 page with the below error:


· data : null,

· error :


o status : 404,

o name : “NotFoundError”,

o message : “Not Found”,

o details : { }