Regarding mongodb support in strapi

Hello everyone, I just read a blog post about strapi not supporting mongodb after v4, so how will this affect my current strapi-mongo setup which is in production?

You will be able to continue to use MongoDB in the v3 version, however once v4 is released we (the Strapi team) will no longer handle support for it and the MongoDB Team / Mongoose maintainer will provide “support”

With the release of v4 there will be no compatibility initially and we will be working with MongoDB / Mongoose to help them build a 3rd party connector in which they will handle support.

Our suggestion is that if you plan to migrate immediately to the Strapi v4 you migrate to a supported SQL database ASAP, we are still evaluating migration guides between MongoDB => SQL for now so we can’t provide much help there at the moment.

When will the final v4 be released? and also do you recommend to upgrade from v3 to v4?
what I felt was I will not be upgrading to v4 and then in the more long run I can get support of mongodb in v3 only!

The project which is in production is a blog and it mongodb is used to store the blogs,strapi to manage them and gatsby in the frontend.

Beta for v4 has a tenative date of the end of July. Stable release date is a bit fluid but sometime in August.

My opinion on upgrading will have a bit of personal and company bias, with that said yes you should upgrade eventually but we have no idea if/when MongoDB/Mongoose will release their connector for the v4 and all v3 support will cut off (from all parties) 6 months after the release of the v4.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am in love with strapi since an year so, and also have used in my personal and also freelance projects.
What I’m thinking is I’m definitely going to upgrade to v4 but what I’m thinking is, anyways the mongoose connector for v4 will be released after 6 months of the of v4 release right, so I’m thinking of upgrading to v4 after the release of mongoose connector.

Migration is not an issue, definitely strapi will provide some tools for that. But for me many sites are with mongodb.

Keep in mind this connector will not be maintained by the Strapi team and thus we will not be able to “support” anyone with issues on that connector. (I use support in terms of GitHub issues and EE support).