Relation Between Content Types are Modified Automatically

System Information
  • **Strapi Version v4.3.6 **:
  • Operating System- Ubuntu:
  • **Database Mysql **:
  • Node Version v14.20.0:
  • NPM Version 8.19.0:

Issue: Relation between content_type was modified automatically, without any change, This caused underlying links table to get deleted

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Content Type A with Many number of fields
  2. Create a Content Type B with fields
  3. Link Content type A with content Type B with many to many relation
  4. Save and Stop the serve
  5. Start the server in develop mode
  6. Create a new field in COntent Type A, make sure new field created is under Relation field
  7. Save the Content Type

Expected: Only Content type A should be modified

Actual: Content Type A is modified, and in content type B, relation field is modified from “Inversed by” to “Mapped By”

This change caused B_A_Links table to get deleted

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