Restrict admin user list

Hi, there is a way to restrict the admin user response?, Just return some admin users and diplay in the list.

For example I’ve have the 3 default roles + role1 and role2. So when the user1 that is type of role1 enter to the /admin/settings/users page only returns all the users that belongs to the same role1 o even those that belongs to role2 as well.

I’ve been playing with Role-Based Access Control, but seems that returning a query object doesn’t works like in regular content types:

    displayName: 'Role 1 users',
    name: 'role-one-users',
    plugin: "admin",
    handler: user => {
      return { email: { $eq: '' }};

For example above condition, I was expecting that only is displaying in the list, but instead is returning all admin users.