SEO Meta data setup + speed optimization

We’re fairly new to Strapi and seems my devs are struggling with the basics. Is there anyone willing and able to help us set up some basic functionality suchs as meta data fields?

Performance is also not great. We’re using GraphQL and are considering switching to REST.

Any help is welcome!

I’m looking for the same. It is not very clear to me how to use it.

Sorry to hear that your devs are having a hard time with Strapi. As for your metadata fields, I recommend checking out some tutorials online. They can be super helpful! When it comes to performance, switching to REST might be a good option, but I suggest doing some more research and testing before making the switch. Have you considered getting a free SEO and PPC audit for your website at They can give you some great insights on how to improve your website’s SEO and PPC performance. Don’t worry about the little things, and good luck to you.

Any specific tutorial?