Setting up Sqreen with Heroku

Hey guys!

I have recently stumbled upon this article in the documentation regarding setting up Sqreen with Strapi. However, quite frankly I am a bit lost on how to set it up properly with Heroku and would be very happy if someone could quickly explain the steps here for us.

Furthermore, I have recently read on an Strapi Slack thread that there seems to be a problem with their WAF. Is this still existing?

Thanks guys :muscle:

Hi @Dominik

What issues were you having with the setup? And regarding the WAF (that convo was between me and @Bobby_Glidwell).

There was an issue with it on Sqreen’s side but I reached out to them directly and they rolled back the change which fixed the issue. Right now their docs say they don’t support Koa Sqreen | Compatibility

But I’ve confirmed with Vlad on twitter they are working on an official beta for Koa (Strapi uses koa in the background)

Our guide will work on the latest release but not all the features of Sqreen may work.