Shopify authenticated requests to Strapi

It’s more of a Shopify API related question but I am really struggling with some basic concepts. Like for instance how can you send authenticated requests from Shopify embedded app to Strapi? Maybe the app is installed you somehow create a new user, or just use a “master user” to handle every incoming requests from Shopify.

I’m not so familiar with Shopify, but from where do you want to make these requests? From the shop? Or from Shopify’s backend?

To connect them you could create a user called “Shopify” inside the user-permissions with the properly configured permissions. Then you can use this user’s JWT in Shopify.

From Shopify’s embedded app to strapi. When app is installed, I can capture shop’s accessToken. I am not 100% sure (the information is actually quite hard to obtain) but this token is permanent. I guess the question is how can I use that token to authenticate further requests using this accessToken from Shopify store.