Slug attached to title not updated when user change the title

I’m new to Strapi (and programming in general), currently I have personal project making blog using Strapi as the cms and NextJS as the frontend.
After I searching around and following some tutorial in youtube, I manage to make the URL match the title by adding UID field called slug and attach it to title field. But when I change the title, the slug is not updated to match the current title.

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I’ve faced the same problem. Do you have any solution? What are we doing wrong? @Akatori Have you found a solution?

Update: it has been broken here - Fix input uid · strapi/strapi@951a0ef · GitHub It generates only once since then.

Have you figured out how to point the endpoint to the Slug instead of ID.
I had this down in v3, but i’m spinning up a new project with v4 and i’m a little stumped as the file structure is different and docs haven’t really covered this from what I see.

Thank for any help you can lend. :rocket: :rocket: