Step by step - writing a payment plugin

My fiancee has a website in Strapi and she wanted to add some paid workshops. As I don’t know Strapi I’ve built it from scratch in NextJS. Now I’d like to make it run within one admin interface. I’ve decided to write a plugin. To feel motivated I’m writing a post about it. Please take a look if it makes sense.

It’s a draft link - Medium


Following, hope you will expand your plugin in future. This is first full plugin build tutorial, and im following.

Thank you for these kind words,
I’m new to Strapi and I’m learning how to build a plugin :slight_smile:
So I don’t advise to blindly following it.
I know it’s working I just don’t really know if I’m doing the right thing.

I’ve decided to publish it - a new link

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I saw that link and I commented there. You are working on so its step in right direction. Waiting for admin part.

You can expand it into multiple payment gateway, stripe, revolut, paypal.

Strange - I don’t see your comment - maybe you did that on the link from the first post (it was a draft)?

For now, I’m interested in adding more functionalities.
Especially I’m looking at how to send an event that will be picked up outside of the plugin.
Let’s say I’ve updated the transaction with COMPLETED status and I’d like the developer of the site to act on this (send an email, store something in the database - like decrease the number of items in the inventory).
I don’t see it in hooks’ documentation. I think it might be done via Webhooks. I’d create a setting in the plugin and user would need to create a Webhook in the admin panel… But it really looks like a workaround