Strapi add extra field in the relationship table

System Information
  • **Strapi Version 3.4.5:
  • **Operating System Linux:
  • **Database Postgres:
  • **Node Version 14:
  • **NPM Version 5.6.0:

I am using Strapi for my application. I am using Postgres as a database. There is user table. I want to create a Teams table linked with Team Leaders and Team Members related to users table. I added team name, team code, and Team Leaders(Relationship field → Many to Many Relationship), Team members(Relationship field → Many to Many Relationship)

After I did this, My table fields look like this,

Id, name, code

Id, Team id, User id

Id, Team Id, User id

But here I wanted to add one extra field (custom_role) in the teams_team_leaders__users_team_leaders and teams_team_members__users_teams table. Is there any way to add a new field/column into Relationship tables?