Strapi Admin customization

Strapi can able to create a Dashboard like wordpress ? Can we fetch data from db and display it in admin dashboard ?

Hi @Ryzz

You can customize the dashboard absolutely, one thing to note however is much like other React web pages, it is client side rendered, meaning it will need to talk to some backend APIs to actually be able to fetch data.

In your case I would recommend either creating a plugin or if you are wanting simple, using the existing routes/controllers or creating some custom ones.

For modifying the dashboard page, this comes from the strapi-admin package and information about customization you can find here:

Those docs have just some examples and function much like our extensions system however the strapi-admin package is not a plugin, hence the difference in your project path. If any of this isn’t clear please let me know.

Is there any way to achieve this with v4 ?

they’ll not reply only sad