Strapi admin developer access


I have admin access to Strapi Dashboard of an existing website. I am able to edit the content through Content Manager feature. However, now I need access to developer mode in order to add/edit content (e.g. font, color etc.). How can I get access to the developer environment?

I am new to using Strapi, so I am very grateful to your guidance. Thank you in advance.


You can change the App name and color from here …src/admin/app.js.
Make the changes accordingly and don’t forgot to create a new build.

So you will need to run the server in development mode by starting it with npm run develop or yarn develop in production mode you can’t change content types etc.

Not sure what this answers of the users question or if it’s just an answer.


since I have no previous experience, could you explain how to run the server in development mode. You said starting it with npm run develop or yarn develop, but I do not know how to implement this.

Thank you in advance,


Ahhh, misunderstanding from my end. I thought about Admin panel changes.

@Coconut @Eventyret has given you an answer. Is this what you were looking for?

It’s part of the documentation itself on how to get started.

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