Strapi Admin pages only show blank after upgrade to 4.1.3

Hi everyone. Its my first post here. Hopefully its the right category and format.

System Information
  • Strapi Version 4.1.3:
  • Operating System Win10:
  • Database sqllite:
  • Node Version 14.18.1:
  • NPM Version 8.5.3:
  • Yarn Version not installed:
  • Updated Strapi from 4.0.5 to 4.1.3 and followed steps of Migrate from 4.0.5 to 4.0.6 - Strapi Developer Docs
  • Deleted .cache, build and node_modules folder as well as package-lock.json
  • Made sure that all versions of strapi plugins in package.json are 4.1.3
  • Did successful npm install, npm run build, and npm run develop

Now problem appears with following strapi admin pages just showing blank pages:

  • Content-Type-Builder
  • Media Library
  • Settings->User & Permissions Plugin->All sub settings there
    The other views are working.

Developer tools of Firefox tell me following error on blank pages:

TypeError: s.useGuidedTour() is undefined

Strapi console just notices http 200s. Calls seem ok.

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I downgraded explicitely to npm ver 6.14.13
got it from here Admin Panel blank after upgrade from v3.5.1 to v3.6.5 - #16 by Richard_Nsama


npm install -g npm@6.14.13