Strapi admin plugin field component

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  • Strapi Version: 4.1
  • Operating System:
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  • Node Version:
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So I am developing a plugin and my plugin works on json fields. So I want to replace certain jason fields in some of the models into a component developed by muself. I already know how to replace a field component using an example I saw in the documentation (WYSIWYG example). However in that example it replaces all the rich text boxes. Is there any way that I specifically modifiy certain field in certain model? Like a field named geom in a model called city. If there is any api or hooks i can modify content manager page please tell me.

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so my current solution is to use name argument that is passed to the custom field component and decide to show my own component or original strapi component. However I have a new problem. I want to reference strapi’s jsonField object (located at strapi/packages/core/admin/admin/src/content-manager/components/InputJSON/index.js ) webpack does not allow me to compile the project and I keep getting errors like webpack module parse failed: Unexpected token which is weird.
So here is my new question, is there any way that I can use jsonField component in my plugin?