Strapi backend interface improvements

Hi! I am new to Strapi and pretty much blown away by what this software does!
(After 20 years of working with TYPO3 as a CMS this is the first time that I seriously consider changing my tech stack and workflow to one that is based on Strapi.)

However, I miss some things and wanted to ask, if there are ways to implement them by myself or if there are plugins or any other solution. All questions relate to the display of fields in the strapi backend, not the generated REST api.

  1. Multiple fields selection for title display of a relational field

Currently it is only possible to define one field only to display a relational datum. This quickly becomes a problem, when dealing with e.g. names. It is very likely that a database with names (e.g. employees, artists, etc) will have many e.g. “Smith” entries. As an editor/integrator I cannot distinguish which Smith and need to do extra clicks.
This could be solved nicely, if we could select more fields to be displayed. Is there a way to solve this challenge with a script or a plugin?

  1. Media field display in created content provide too little information

I use audio files, which, by nature, do not display an image. But in any created content element that uses such a media field, not even the name of the file is displayed until you click the edit button. Doing so with files for a playlist (which can easily add up to 20 and more files) can become very time consuming when it comes to editing an audio file. (See screenshot)
It would help a lot to display the filename and either the alternate text or the caption. Is there a way to do that? Or is this something that could be implemented?

  1. “There is no description” in Content Types Builder

In the menu “Content Types Builder”, having created a collection or a single type, it eventually displays the title and below it the text “There is no description”. This text cannot be edited anywhere. Am I missing something? It would be very helpful to leave a description there for an editor/integrator. Again I wonder, if I can create my script somehow to extend the content builder layout?

  1. “View” columns not responsive in “Configure view”

The “Configure View” section allows for a 2-column placement of the created fields. Those columns are not responsive, though. Is there a reason for that? (I assume that empty columns would cause ugly spaces?) Are there plugins that tackle that problem? Or can I override the CSS (without polluting the plugin)?

Thank you!

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-28 um 07.21.01