Strapi + blockchain saving - retreiving

Hello Strapis, is there anyone who can help me with the implementation of the Strapi content saving instead of database into the blockchain, i have the tools i just need some help arround to address few things about storing and retriving. If anyone interested? Thnx in advance.

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Hi @Bogdan_Osep,

Currently there is not a connector for this and no real easy way to build one/use a custom connector however in Q4 2020 we do plan a massive refresh of the database layer (Roadmap link: Database layer (v4) - Roadmap | Product Roadmap). One of the goals of this refresh to make it easier for the community to build their own database connection layers and make the usage of internal APIs more abstract away from direct connector logic.

So for now, there isn’t really a way to do what you are asking, but possibly early on in Q1, however I do want to stress that at the moment we don’t plan to add any new database connectors officially and instead will provide the tools for you to build one if you wanted.

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Hi DMehaffy,
thank you for your kind answers, that’s what i thought. Can you please tell me when you will provide tools to build one. I allready did test script connecting my wallet on blockchain with next.js as an async method & get results in-out and it works. So my goal is also to connect to Strapi also so i dont have to make headless cms like strapi again. I would really like to see if you will give me any new directions on that matter.

I can’t give an exact date but it will be sometime after Q4 2020 (So likely early Q1 2021)

Once we have a better idea on the scope of our database refresh I can start talking with the backend engineers as to their plan.

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Hi again as you mentioned, when will you provide the tools for us to build one if we wanted? I would like to test something. :smile:

I don’t have any update about the tools since we haven’t even started working on laying down code yet. Everything is still in a planning process.

We won’t have an ETA until we have the full plan made and likely til we start laying down code.

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Hello @DMehaffy ; I would want to know what was the issue of this discussion. Currently I am planning to work wth mongoDB(but wrapped in bigchainDB) so I am wondering how to customize the database side of strapi in order to support blockchain capabilities.

Thank you in advance

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