Strapi cloud can't create content-types

This is probably a complete lack of understanding of the service on my end, but I’ve tried 3 different deployments to strapi cloud and nothing I do allows me to create content-types. We had a test environment running that allowed us to do this easily, but moved to the cloud hosting for the sake of not having to provision backups and environments in the long run.

Our use case is simple: allow all of our users to create content types and content, and fetch them from the api. That’s it. Is this the wrong product for us?

You are meant to link it to a github repo that you can then open localy to generate all the content-types

Appreciate the feedback! I suspected that was the case, but wanted to verify that as the docs never explicitly stated that the cloud service was exclusively for technical users. Having to have a developer in the loop for every content-type addition or update is pretty wild, given there is an actual admin panel to do it with. Anyhow, no big deal, in the end was my misunderstanding of the service, as on our end we were trying to defray dev costs and effort in self hosting but that is trivial compared to the drawbacks of this service.