[Strapi Docker] Whta's the difference between `strapi/base:14` and `strapi/base:14-alpine`?

Hi, I would like to ask the difference between strapi/base:14 and strapi/base:14-alpine.

What I know is that :

  • strapi/base:14 uses NodeJS version 14.
  • strapi/base:14-alpine uses NodeJS version 14 based on Alpine linux. Hence it is lighter (the size is smaller than strapi/base:14).

I mean, if one size is small enough, why is there strapi/base:14 ?

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Hi @marc
It’s mostly to do that alpine is smaller so it’s meant for production.
When you use the base etc, it can also include dependencies you can use for testing etc. So it’s a bit bigger base image.

So it depends on what you are trying to do or build.